Philips / Osram

  • Osram Night Breaker Unlimited (H1) - S$40/RM90 per pair (Duo Box)
  • Osram Night Breaker Unlimited (H4) - S$45/RM95 per pair (Duo Box)
  • Osram Night Breaker Unlimited (H4) with Free LED T10 6000K - RM110 per pair (Duo Box)
  • Osram Night Breaker Unlimited (H7) - S$48/RM115 per pair (Duo Box)
  • Osram Night Breaker Unlimited (HB4 9006) - S$65/RM145 per pair (Duo Box)
  • Osram Night Breaker Unlimited (H11) - S$68/RM145 per pair (Blisterpack)

Just when you thought the award winning OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER range couldn’t get any better... introducing the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED with even more light, more visibility and more safety.

OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED is setting a new standard in the world of automotive lighting thanks to a whiter light, longer light beam, maximum performance and style to rival xenon effect bulbs on the market. OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED really does offer the best of both worlds, combining maximum performance and style without compromise.

So you’re wondering what are the stand out features of the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED range? Well there are three main benefits that make this one of the best upgrade bulbs on the market. Firstly you’ll benefit from up to 110% more light compared to a standard bulb. Then there’s the 35 metre longer light beam, giving better illumination of the road ahead. In addition to more light and more visibility you’ll also notice how stylish these bulbs are as they give a much whiter light in comparison to their predecessors.

All in all by choosing NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED headlight bulbs you’ll be getting the very best in terms of performance plus the added benefits of style. 

Features and benefits: 
> Up to 110% more light in comparison to a standard bulb for a comfortable and fatigue free drive
> Up to 40 metres longer light beam than a standard bulb resulting in better visibility and an increase in reaction times
> The partial cobalt coating of the glass body contributes to up to 20% whiter light
> The pleasant light effect produced makes night time driving much easier and less tiring > The patented blue ring coating helps to reduce back glare
> Optimised inert filling gas formula for more efficient light production Robust coil design for higher resilience
> Eye-catching design with partial blue coating and silver cap

  • Osram Night Breaker LASER (H4) - S$50/RM115 per pair (Duo Box)
  • Osram Night Breaker LASER (H7) - S$55/RM135 per pair (Duo Box)
NIGHT BREAKER LASER lamps shine more light on the street thanks to innovative laser ablation technology, an improved filament and pure xenon gas filling. More light and improved visibility can help drivers identify and react to traffic hazards more quickly.

Features and benefits: 
> The brightest halogen performance lamps by OSRAM
> Up to 130% more light
> Up to 40 m longer beam
> Up to 20% whiter light
> Innovative laser ablation technology and precise window for better performance
> Combination of highly engineered filament and pure xenon gas filling for extra light output 
> Unique design with laser-etched product name and silver cap

  • Osram Cool Blue Hyper 5000K (H4) - S$45/RM95 per pair (Duo Box)
At last Osram have broken the mould and produced a super off road bulb to mirror an HID lighting effect. This bulb has a distinct blue tint within an HID Xenon white light. These bulbs will give you the HID effect being rated at 5000K. As always you can rely on Osram to produce yet another high quality upgrade bulb!
  • The high quality Osram bulb produces maximum performance for maximum visibility
  • The bulbs are designed with a blue tinted white light for a distinctive look
  • For off road use only and 5000K Colour Temperature
  • 12v 60/55w

  • Philips X-treme Vision +130% H1 (Twinpack) - S$55/RM110 per pair
  • Philips X-treme Vision +130% H4 (Twinpack) - S$58/RM125 per pair
  • Philips X-treme Vision +130% H7 (Twinpack) - S$63/RM150 per pair
  • Philips X-treme Vision LED T10 Ceralight 360 6000K - S$32/RM80 per pair
  • Philips X-treme Vision LED Fog Light H8/H11/H16 6000K - S$170/RM460 per pair 

The latest generation of the popular Philips X-treme Vision range offers up to 130% more light on the road in comparison to a standard globe so you'll be able to see much more of the road ahead.

If you decide to upgrade your headlight globes to Philips X-treme Vision +130 you will also benefit from a longer light beam, up to 45 metres longer to be precise, and this in turn increases your reaction time. In addition, the light produced by these headlight globes is up to 20% whiter than standard. Both factors lend themselves towards providing a safer and much more comfortable driving experience at night.

Features and benefits:
> Up to 130% more light on the road in comparison to a standard headlight globe
> A superior light beam of up to 130 metres allows you to see much more of the road ahead
> Up to 45m longer light beam than standard increases reaction time by up to 2 seconds
> Up to 20% whiter light than standard for a more comfortable and safer driving experience
> A colour temperature of 3700K helps your eyes focus better for a more comfortable driving experience at night
> The Philips patented gradient coating technology produces a more powerful light
> X-treme Vision +130 delivers more Light without compromising on lifetime
> Philips X-treme Vision globes offer up to 450 hours lifetime
> Increased safety – see potential hazards sooner
> Fully road legal - ECE certified
> Optimized high-precision fillament geometry
> Up to 13 bar high pressure gas filling
> High precision coating and high quality UV-Quarz glass

  • Philips Racing Vision +150% H4 (Twinpack) - S$58/RM150 per pair
  • Philips Racing Vision +150% H7 (Twinpack) - S$63/RM170 per pair
Maybe the brightest legal halogen lamp ever built!

With better, brighter lights you’re able to perform better on the road. With its optimized high-precision filament geometry, up to 13 bar high pressure gas filling, high precision chrome coating and high quality UV-Quartz glass, Philips RacingVision headlights set a new standard in automotive lighting. Engineered for performance and visibility, these headlights allow for a more relaxed, controlled and fun driving experience.

See further and react faster with up to 150% more brightness

When driving at night you need the very best visibility. The further you can see clearly, the faster you can react to whatever appears on the road. Philips RacingVision headlamps boost your visibility with up to 150% more brightness. You’ll recognize obstacles in your way earlier than with other less powerful halogen lamps. So you get to enjoy a safer, more pleasant journey. 

> Maximum Performance 
> Up to 150% more light on the road 
> Rally effect 
> Road legal .

  • Philips Diamond Vision 5000K H1 (Twinpack) - S$55/RM150 per pair
  • Philips Diamond Vision 5000K H4 (Twinpack) - S$55/RM160 per pair
  • Philips Diamond Vision 5000K H7 (Twinpack) - S$60/RM170 per pair
  • Philips Diamond Vision 5000K H11 (Twinpack) - S$65/RM180 per pair
  • Philips Diamond Vision 5000K HB4 (Twinpack) - S$55/RM160 per pair
With the new Philips Diamond Vision range you can now give your car a more stylish and distinctive look and all you have to do is swap your headlight bulbs.

The Philips Diamond Vision bulbs are halogen bulbs that burn at 5000k. Typical halogen bulbs burn at just under 3000k, giving a yellow tint to the light. At around 4000k you start to get a bright white light, and as the bulb burns hotter you then start to get progressively more blue tint to the light.

This gives Diamond Vision a bright white light with a subtle blue tint, giving your lights a distinctive appearance that is much closer to HID xenon lights than most other aftermarket bulbs. It also helps make your lights look a lot more upmarket than some of the cheaper ‘blue’ bulbs that look like the headlights have been coloured-in with a blue marker.

Diamond Vision can be used without making any changes or modifications to your vehicle. They just need to be exchanged with the bulbs that you are currently using. This product is not road legal in Singapore.

  • Philips BlueVision Ultra 4000K H4 (Twinpack) - S$45/RM95 per pair (with FREE set of matching W5W sidelights)
Philips BlueVision ultra is recognized as the blue leader which has been proven by the many industry and automotive press awards. Simply the only lamp in the market providing bright white light together with a high-end stylish blue effect while fulfilling the highest European standards. 

Philips introduces its unique Gradient Coating technology to satisfy the consumer's demand for ultimate brightness and style. Philips Gradient Coating technology means ultra-bright white light on the road (low absorption near the filament area) with ultra-blue effect in the headlight (high absorption near the lamp base).

The fully homologated blue effect and whiter light (4000K) enables the car driver to stand out from crowd.

These bulbs come complete with a free set of W5W Philips BlueVision sidelights. 

Technical features: 
  • Chromium Top & Blue Ring
  • High Performance Burner (slim diameter, only made by Philips)
  • Ultimate 4000k Xenon blue effect
  • New gas filling composition
  • Re-designed Coil/Filament
  • Perfetta geometria della lampadina
  • Quartz glass
  • Unique Gradient Coating technology 

  • Philips Crystal Vision 4300K H4 (Twinpack) - S$58/RM110 per pair (with FREE set of matching W5W sidelights)
  • Philips Crystal Vision 4300K H7 (Twinpack) - S$58/RM125 per pair (with FREE set of matching W5W sidelights)
  • Philips Crystal Vision 4300K HB4 (Twinpack) - RM145 per pair (with FREE set of matching W5W sidelights)
  • Philips Crystal Vision 4300K H11 (Twinpack) - S$65/RM145 per pair (with FREE set of matching W5W sidelights) 
If you're looking for an upgrade headlight bulb with style, take a look at the Philips Crystal Vision. The 4300K colour temperature of these bulbs achieves a close colour match to factory fitted HID headlights, delivering a cool and styled white colour on the road. Crystal Vision bulbs are manufactured in Germany by world leading manufacturers Philips, so you can be assured you’re getting the best of the best.

Features and benefits:
> Silver-capped bulb
> A distinctive reflection
> Extreme white light
> For the look of HID

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