HID Conversion Kit

  • Osram Xenarc HID Conversion Kit 35W 12V 4200K (H1/H4/H7/H11/HB3/HB4) - S$230/RM480 per set
  • Osram Xenarc HID Conversion Kit 35W 12V 6000K (H1/H4/H7/H11/HB3/HB4) - S$250/RM520 per set
OSRAM XENARC Conversion Kit is the latest advancement in state-of-the-art off-road lighting innovation. Offering double the lighting power of conventional halogen and incandescent lighting options, HID lamps provide brighter light and a wider visibility pattern, reducing strain on the driver‘s eyes. Durably constructed and exhaustively tested for temperature resistance and impact, vibration and water resistance, HID lamps are built to last, saving drivers time and money in replacement and maintenance. 

> Genuine OSRAM Xenon Conversion Kit 
> Option of 4200K (30% whiter) or 6000K (80% whiter) 
> 2 Slim design CAN-BUS Ballasts + 2 Xenon (Xenarc) Bulbs 
> 12V 35W 
> Up to 200% more light 
> Up to 50m increase in distance 
> Xenarc technology, 5x lifetime

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